Mid-range villas

Mid-range villas are another attractive feature of the new eco-neighborhood. In all, there are 30 villas spread over one first floor and one upper floor (R+1). The architecture of these villas is modern and attractive, with a contemporary design that is sure to please residents.

Each mid-rise villa has a total gross floor area of 236.55 m², with 113.80 m² on the first floor (excluding terrace and pool) and 122.75 m² on the second floor. The interior space of these villas is divided into two distinct categories: the living area on the first floor and the sleeping area upstairs. This organization provides a functional separation of the different zones, offering a practical and comfortable living experience for residents.

The mid-range villas are designed with mid-luxury interior architecture. They feature quality materials and meticulous finishes to create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. Interior spaces are tastefully appointed, offering a harmonious combination of functionality and style.

diamond green city

Each middle-range villa is accompanied by a beautiful garden, adding a touch of greenery and tranquility to the residential environment. Residents can take advantage of this outdoor space to relax, organize outdoor activities or simply enjoy moments of calm and serenity.

These mid-rise villas offer a comfortable, modern living environment within the eco-neighborhood. They are designed to meet the needs and preferences of residents seeking a high quality of life. The villas combine contemporary architecture, well-appointed interiors and picturesque gardens, creating a pleasant and welcoming residential environment.