The project


The new eco-neighborhood developed by Riad Premium and Orbis Architecture is an ambitious project focused on environmental sustainability and the well-being of residents. It includes 1,856 apartments of various types, a mosque, a nursery, schools, a medical center, high-end housing, shops, play areas and relaxation areas.

Thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels, the district generates solar-generated electricity to meet its energy needs, reducing its carbon footprint and promoting the use of renewable energies.

The district is also implementing an innovative waste management system, with underground containers for sorting and recycling, as well as composting of organic waste to create communal vegetable gardens.

Wastewater treatment is carried out individually for each building, allowing the purified water to be reused for non-drinking purposes.

Security and upkeep of the neighborhood are ensured by a comprehensive surveillance and guarding system, with qualified security guards responsible for maintaining the tranquility, safety and general upkeep of the area.

In short, this new eco-neighborhood offers a modern, sustainable and inclusive living environment, with a focus on environmental preservation, resident safety and quality of life.

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The new eco-neighborhood features 1,856 homes divided into different apartment types (F3, F4 and F5), offering residents a variety of options. The modern architecture of the district incorporates gaps between the volumes to ensure optimum ventilation, and planters for a verdant ambience.

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Mid-range villas

The mid-range villas in the new eco-neighborhood offer a comfortable, modern living experience. With their contemporary architecture, well-appointed interiors and picturesque gardens, they meet the needs of residents seeking a high quality of life.

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Luxury villas

The high-end villas in the new eco-neighborhood offer a prestigious residential experience. With their modern, elegant architecture, luxurious interiors, private swimming pools and lush gardens, these villas embody comfort and luxury in the heart of the eco-neighborhood.

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Infrastructure includes well-maintained roads and pedestrian walkways, landscaped green spaces, children’s play areas, sports facilities, as well as waste management facilities and street lighting, schools, a medical center and waste management facilities.