The Group

Groupe Riad, established in 2012, specializes in real estate promotion, urbanization and major project development. We are committed to providing superior construction solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We use our expertise and creativity to develop innovative and sustainable projects that improve our customers’ lives. We are proud of our reputation for the quality of our work and our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Riad Premium has been active in Algeria since its inception, developing thousands of homes, schools, clinics, shopping centers and religious buildings.
Our widely recognized expertise in the development of ambitious projects now extends to a number of content areas.
Riad Premium is a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and several hundred workers dedicated to the day-to-day implementation of our projects.

Our Services

Project planning and development

Structured project management approach for specific results and benefits, from project to stakeholder satisfaction.


Transforming urban areas to meet the needs of growing populations and create sustainable, liveable and economically dynamic cities.

Utilities facilities

Construction and maintenance of essential infrastructure (schools, hospitals, roads, etc.) to improve quality of life, health and community safety.

General construction

Planning, design and execution of construction projects, ensuring high-quality buildings that meet customer needs and comply with industry standards and regulations.


Promotion and sale of products or services through market research, product development, advertising and customer relationship management, to increase brand awareness and stimulate sales growth.

Management and maintenance

Regular monitoring, repairs, upgrades and replacements for efficient, reliable operation of systems, installations and equipment, extending their service life and improving overall efficiency.

Why Groupe Riad ?


We work with Europe’s architectural and engineering elite.


All our projects are avant-garde and innovative.


Ecology and renewable energies are at the heart of our concerns.


Our partners and suppliers around the world offer the best products on the market